One thing many of us can agree on, is that the world is not what it used to be.

Depending on which history one follows, it could be said that there have been four major civilizations of humanity. Now we are entering the fifth; a new civilization where we choose how to live our lives.

During the beginning of the Internet, before Silicon Valley, social media, venture capital and big tech, there were public forums and websites where users could express freely.

Those of us who are now ready to start the next age of humanity know that the world we create and the reality we share must be anchored in humanity, and not lost in cyber-space.

We are not anonymous. We have lives, we have dreams, and we want to live free in a world that is founded in peace, respect and fellowship. This movement happens on the ground, with the people. It can only ever happen this way.

Our mission

The 5th Network Peoples Club Society is a registered non-profit providing a networking platform for those to connect with like-minded people in their communities. Our purpose is to help find local organic food providers, health and education resources as well as find or offer employment opportunities that focus on local community needs. Our mission is to reinvigorate local business and create healthier communities of trust.

We want to remake our shared world into what it is supposed to be.

The Team

Steve Berger (“Berger”)

Alberta, Mountain Time

Steve has been working tirelessly for the past year helping many people (including himself) find new work after being terminated for exercising the human right to reject state mandated medical procedures.

Steve has a gift for networking and bringing people with common purpose together. He is dedicated to being in the service of others and is one of the driving forces behind the 5th Network.

Fav Quote: “I identify as a meat popsicle.”

Tulip Festival, Chilliwack BC, 2018. Sunglasses by Dollarama.

Don Buckley (“Coyote”)

BC, Pacific Time

Don is the Webmaster and Technical Driver of the 5th Network. He is the founder of Datafield Business Technology, and has a 20+ year career in information technology, from software and web development, to IT infrastructure and networking.

Fav Quote:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

—R. Buckminster Fuller.


Ontario, Eastern Time

DK is the Creative Lead for the 5th Network and a member of Grafik Collective. A rising star in the design industry and critical to our production team, DK continues to bring focus to the quality and artistic cohesion of all aspects in our new ecosystem; from the 5th Network website to all our advertising, social media and branding.

Can be heard saying: “Use the full lockup”

Roger Isaacs (“Sensei”)

BC, Pacific Time

Along with Steve, Roger is one of our main strategists for the 5th Network. As leader of the Vancouver Ki Society, holding the rank of Godan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, we are fortunate to have someone with his balance and energetic awareness helping to move the 5th Network forward with integrity so that we create a long lasting ecosystem for all to benefit from.

Can be heard saying: “No problem, mate.”